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SH31003P0AA4000 - SH3 OMC motor 100mm 3 st. IP65/54 smooth sh. DSL single turn ang.conn.M23

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Lexium SH3 Servo motors are designed to fit Lexium 62 and Lexium 52 servo drives, part of PacDrive 3, an automation solution for motion centric machines. The servo motor features maximum mechanical speed of 6000RPM and smooth shaft end without holding brake. It is equipped with an absolute single turn Hiperface (DSL 18bit, EKS36) encoder. It figures as single angular turntable connector (One motor cable connectivity) for connecting a hybrid cable (DSL cable with quick lock connector). It is a servo motor with a rated supply voltage of 115V to 480V, a continuous stall current of 7.8A and a continuous power of 2900W. Shaft end is an IP54 rated, casing is an IP65 rated. The flange size is 70mm, it is fixed by 4x 9mm holes. The circle diameter of the mounting holes is 115mm. it weighs 7.5kg. SH3 servo motors with Lexium 62 multi axis servo drives meet the requirements of production and packaging machinery, material handling and assembly systems. Lexium SH3 servo motors are UL UR and conform to UL1004 as well as European directives CE and UKCA. This SH3 servo motor figuring One-Motor Cable connectivity is compatible with a Lexium 62 servo drive. All mounting positions are permitted (horizontal mounting (IMB5), vertical mounting (IMV1, IMV3) in accordance with IEC 60034-7. Lexium SH3 motors are prime solution to the need for dynamic performance, covering a continuous stall torque range (0.2 to 94.4Nm) for speeds up to 9000 rpm. Lexium 62 multi-axis servo system, making the PacDrive system one of the most flexible motion control solutions.

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