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VW3A95818 - kit for UL type 1 conformity, Altivar machine ATV320, mounted under variable speed drive ATV320 S5C

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This UL conformity kit is part of the Altivar Machine ATV320 range, an offer of drives designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This optional kit enables your Altivar variable speed drive to meet UL type 1 requirements. Its frame size is 5C (180mm/7.08in wide x 222mm/8.74in high, and 83.5mm/3.29in deep). Thanks to this kit, cables can be directly connected to the drive via tubes or cable glands. The shielding is connected inside the kit. It weighs 0.550kg (1.213lb). This kit can be used to ensure UL Type 1 conformity even when the drive is mounted directly on a wall outside the enclosure. It is compatible with ATV320D11M3C, ATV320D15M3C, ATV320D11N4C, and ATV320D15N4C drives. The kit is delivered in one package including fixing accessories. This kit is mounted to the lower part of the drive. The Altivar Machine ATV320 series focus on easy integration for simple and advanced machine requirements with proven motor control and connectivity. ATV320 drives are specifically designed for material handling, packaging, textiles, hoisting, mechanical actuators, and material working.

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