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RE17LCBMS - Modular timing relay, Harmony, 0.7A, 1s..100h, off delay, solid state output, spring terminals, 24...240V AC

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This modular timing relay belongs to the Schneider Electric Harmony Timer relays range. This is an off-delay timer with single function and is activated by the control input Y1 when connected to 0V. This is a 17.5mm slim relay with input of 24Vac to 240Vac and solid state output of 0.7A. It has one of slimmest form-factors, allowing for a flexible and easy installation on DIN rail using the same space as any modular 1-pole DIN device. This is a spring terminal type relay with a sealable cover and rotary trimmers for simple and precise settings. It has 7 selectable timing ranges of 1s, 10s, 1min, 10min, 1h, 10h, and 100h and 2 dials for adjusting. It weighs 0.050Kg. 0 0 The product conforms to IEC 61812-1 and EN 61812-1 standards, and UL, CSA, GL, RCM, EAC, CCC, and China ROHS certifications. 0 0 0 The spring terminals timing relays bring you easy, time-saving and secured wiring during installation and maintenance. 0 0 0 0 0

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