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BMXCPS3522S - redundant power supply module X80 - 125 V DC - Safety

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This product is part of the Modicon X80 range, a common platform of modules for Modicon M580 and M340 Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). On the front face of the power supply, 2 connectors (2-way and 5-way) can take a removable terminal block. It converts 100…150 V DC current into 24 V DC and 3.3 V DC output voltages, distributed over the backplane. This safety power supply can provide advanced diagnostics that simplify maintenance by predicting when to replace power supply before it fails. It detects overvoltage, overload, and short-circuit conditions on 24 V DC and 3.3 V DC backplane lines. It can be installed in any rack, main or extended local rack, main or extended remote rack. It has a red coating specific to Safety products. For high-availability applications, two independent redundant power supplies can be used to increase the security of the power supply. This product is certified by CE and UL, and also by ATEX and IECEx for use in explosive atmospheres. The safety power supply is compatible with Modicon STB terminal for grounding kit. A set of two caged removable terminal blocks (5-way and 2-way) is included in the power supply package. The power supply has to be inserted in the leftmost dedicated slots on each rack (marked CPS). Modicon X80 is a platform of modules common to Modicon M580 and M340 automation platforms that reduces maintenance and training costs with same spare parts in stock, and unique training for various Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC). Modicon X80 consists in a compatible modules common platform that reduce maintenance and training costs with same spare parts in stock, and unique training for different Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC).

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