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SSRHP05 - Solid State Relay, Zelio Relay, heat sink, panel mount, thermal resistance 0.5°C per watt

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Zelio SSP relays do not have any moving parts to wear out. Combined with vibration resistance, arc-less switching and the lack of acoustical noise, solid state relays are the ideal product for switching applications that demand reliable execution. Up to three SSP1 single phase or one SSP3 three hase solid state relays can be mounted on this heat sink. This heat sink is mounted directly to a panel. This heat sink has thermal resistance of 0.5 degrees centigrade per watt. Solid state relay is 6.00 inches tall, 6.00 inches wide and 3.50 inches deep. The relay weighs 3.17 lbs. The solid state relay is UL component recognized and CSA certified. It is suitable for packaging machines, heating control, injection molding, HVAC, textile machines and medical equipment applications. This heat sink is compatible with 1 solid state relay on panel. It supports panel mount. Harmony Solid State Relays are the complete solution for 1 phase and 3 phase, slim, modular DIN rail and panel mount offer. SSR relays offer slim interfaces, modular DIN rail and panel mount relays. A complete, innovative and compact solution for industrial applications.

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