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SSL1D03JDPR - pre-assembled relay, Harmony Solid State Relays , 3.5A, DC switching, spring sockets, input 4…12V DC, output 1...24V DC

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This slim interface solid state relay belongs to the Schneider Electric Harmony solid state relays range. This is a pre-assembled relay mounted on a socket that has a built-in reverse polarity protection circuit and a LED indicator. This is a 3.5A DC switching slim relay with 4Vdc to 12Vdc input and 1Vdc to 24Vdc output. This pre-assembled relay is a ready-to-go package saving assembly time. This 6mm relay has an IP67 water resistant encapsulation and a IP20 socket protection. The relay socket connection is by spring terminal type with a lever for locking or releasing the relay. This SSL weighs 0.033Kg. It is the ideal solution for packaging, HVAC, injection molding, textile machines, medical equipment, and heating control applications. It conforms to international standard and certifications like IEC, UL, CSA, CE, ROHS, GOST, EN, and REACH. It is sold in lots of 30. Thiss is a complete range of control input and load output configurations for both AC and DC switching applications. The pre-assembled range in SSL brings you easier selection, time-saving in installation and robustness.

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