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NSYEBAD13618 - Power distribution block, Linergy, enclosed, 335A CU, 270A AL, 600V, 2 line side lug, 8 load side lug, AL lug, rail

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NSYEB power distribution blocks are enclosed IEC versions of our NEMA 9080 power distribution blocks, which are finger safe. The terminals of these power terminal blocks are finger safe from the front according to IP20. They are one pole modular units with an interlocking dovetail feature that enables ganging of the blocks to create multipole configurations according to application requirements. This block has a Short-Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) of up to 10 kA with fuses and circuit breakers. Refer to the catalog for details on this. The lugs in these blocks are available with either copper or aluminum. This block has a tin plated aluminum lug. The line side lug of this block is rated to 335A at 600 V when copper wire is used and 270A at 600 V when aluminum wire is used. One of the line side terminals will accept 14 AWG to 3/0 AWG copper wires or 6 AWG to 3/0 AWG aluminium wires. The other line side terminal will accept 6 AWG to 400 kcmil copper wires or 6 AWG to 400 kcmil aluminium wires. The eight load side terminals will accept 14 AWG to 2 AWG copper wires or 6 AWG to 2 AWG aluminium wires. This block can be mounted on 35 mm DIN rail. This block is 4.39 inches tall, 2.26 inches wide and 3.14 inches deep. This block is UL Listed, CSA cerified and RoHS compliant.

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