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A9MEM3300 - iEM3300 energy meter - 125 A

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The Acti9 iEM3000 series energy meters offer an attractive range of three-phase DIN rail-mounted energy meters with an LCD display. Additional local signaling includes green LED power-on indicator, flashing yellow LED for accuracy checking and communication indicators. This meter can be used in sub-billing and partial metering applications. The meter provides the following accuracy classes: Active Energy: class 1 per IEC 62053-21, and per IEC 61557-12. The meter will measure Active and Reactive Power, Active and Reactive Energy. Designed for 50Hz or 60Hz networks, supply voltage can range from 100 to 277VAC or 173 to 480VAC. Line rated current for this meter is up to 125A via direct connect and will support Single Phase and Neutral, Three Phase and Three Phase and Neutral configurations. No primary communication ports. No secondary communication ports. Certifications include EAC, CE and UL. Product dimensions are as follows: width 4.96 in (126 mm), depth 2.72in (69 mm), height 4.1 in (103 mm) and product weight 9.17 oz (260 g).

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